Today's Recipe - Rasmalai (Cottage Cheese Cakes in Creamy Milk)

Contains Egg: No

Ingredents: 250 gm chenna (cottage cheese)Sugar Syrup600 ml water300 ml sugarMilk Mixture100 gm sugar1 litre full cream milk5 gm cardamom powder25 gm slivered almonds and pistachios0.5 gm saffron

Method: For the preparation, make the sugar syrup by heating the sugar and the water. Boil the milk in a pan and reduce it to 3/4th the actual quantity.Add all the ingredients for the milk mixture and bring to a boil. Make balls of the chenna and flatten in between the palms.For the cooking, boil the chenna cakes in the sugar syrup for 20 minutes. Drain the sugar syrup.Drop the rasmalai into the milk mixture. Boil for 3 minutes.Remove from fire and cool and serve it chilled.

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Recipe By: Kishore.D.Reddy


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